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Mehr als nur Fassade - Das Stadt Aktivhaus Frankfurt am Main

Aktiv Stadthaus - BIPV

The building houses 74 residential units and two business units and is a prime example of the European Union’s Directive on Energy Efficiency which will go into force in 2021. solarnova’s BIPV modules (building-integrated photovoltaic) are integrated into building facades and play a key role for meeting the objectives set out by the EU. They are tailor made to each building and carry the “Made in Germany” quality seal.

The 348 glass and glass PV modules integrated into the building’s exterior ensure that the occupants’ energy consumption can in fact be met. An energy surplus can even be achieved. The black tinted glass units with an output of 338 kWp were developed in close collaboration between architects, designers, builders and the PV specialist solarnova. Size, power and, of course, structural design and building aesthetics, like the color of the modules all the way to the cells, were crucial topics. The solarnova units carry the "Made in Germany" quality seal and add to the yield generated from the building’s high-efficiency rooftop system by 117.6 kWp. Located in the middle of Frankfurt's city center, the 6,500 square meter edifice is a visually and architecturally charming living space that will make a valuable contribution to climate protection and to reducing CO2 emissions in the future. The Aktiv-Stadthaus is a research and model project on the future of sustainable buildings by the building contractor ABG Frankfurt Holding and the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development.

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